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WATCH: This ‘Arab dad’ version of viral BBC interview will burst you into laughter

A recent BBC interview, that went viral for children who hilariously gate-crashed the live session, is still seem to be a talking point on the internet. And now it’s recreated by a UAE comedy artist in an amusing manner.

A UAE-based comedy pioneers ‘Dubomedy’ have made an ‘Arab dad’ version of the viral video which features more children, shay (tea) and some serious dad dancing.


Professor Robert Kelly, a Political Science expert at Pusan National University, was being interviewed from his home on the issue of South Korean politics when his two young children walked into the room, followed by a woman rushing inside to take the toddlers away. But it was too late to be ignored. The camera had the hilarious moment recorded and aired live.

The clip was viewed more than 10 million times. Social media users described the video as the “funniest thing the BBC has ever broadcast”.

Here’s how it all started



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