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WATCH: This hair-stylist uses an axe to style hair

MOSCOW: Hair-stylists are now these days now employing risky methods for the job as a hair-dresser has emerged from Russia who uses an axe in novel treatment of his clients.

Recently, a hair-stylist from Pakistan made headlines for using fire to style hairs, in what was being termed as one of the most dangerous ways to do haircut.

Daniil Istomin operates out Novosibirsk in southwestern Siberia, where clients come to experiment his unusual skills.

A new YouTube video shows him chopping off a woman’s hair while her hair rests on a wooden platform, before holding the axe as a regular blade for touch-ups.

The tattooed hairstylist has been compared to the demon barber of Fleet Street due to his dexterity with a hatchet, as the New York Post pointed out.

He claims he was just trying to ‘come up with something interesting with [his] profession’ when he thought of the unorthodox method.

‘It all started with a banal “Let’s try being blindfolded”, then “Try with two hands”. Eventually it came to the axe,’ he said.

Istomin has become so used to working with a hatchet he claims it is actually easier to give someone a haircut using the unusual tool rather then classic scissors.




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