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WATCH: This man in Karachi brings home sacrificial cow in a rickshaw!

KARACHI: In an attempt to save some bucks this Karachite has gone to unbelievable heights as he transported a cow in a rickshaw!

From carrying goats on bikes to shoving them in the car’s backseat we have seen people go crazy when transporting sacrificial animals from the Mandi to their homes but this man has taken it to an extreme level as he forcefully tied a cow and transported the poor soul in a rickshaw!


In the video, it is visible how the poor animal is being manhandled as the man carelessly forces the cow in the back of a rickshaw.

Last year, a family hired a crane to transport a cow to the roof of a third storey building as they wished to keep the cow on the rooftop.

This Eid ul Azha has already started off with some unexpected events. Reportedly animals are being sold online on social media to specifically generated websites. Ranging from cows, bulls. goats, sheep and whatnots.

As Eid approaches, people seem to forget that sacrificial animals are to be handled with utmost care and gentleness before they are sacrificed in the name of Allah.



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