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WATCH: two senior citizens swing their punches, kicks to win Karate fight

SARGODHA: You may have seen brawls where two adults swing their arms and legs to beat down their opponent and win over them for a range of reasons from personal score to just register their superiority but it is a rare sight to see two senior citizens, with apparently no combat training, at least not for a while, enter a ring and fight while audience watching them.

This spectacle took place in Sargodha where a Karate tournament arranged an exhibition fight amongst senior individuals who participated in this wearing the combat gear on and afforded their audience a show to talk about.

ARY News morning show Bakhabar Savera covered this in their segment today and the commentary of both hosts will make your day.

The fight started between two senior citizens, who seem to have crossed their golden jubilee of lives, wearing gloves and swinging their limbs across their opponent.

Throughout this matchup, one thing remained common: laughter from onlookers, and the fight ended with both opponents’ hands raised as champions by the referee so it ended on an encouraging role as well.

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What better way to channel your frustration than to engage in such a healthy activity but yes, with all cautions and safety hazards considered.

Also, if you can’t engage personally, merely watching it should help you have your necessary catharsis.



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