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WATCH: Victim narrates how she was targeted by mystery knife attacker in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar

A mystery knife attacker is roaming streets of Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar attacking women with a sharp object.

So far at least six women have been targeted by the mystery attacker who some fear is the same who used to sexually harass women at University of Karachi about two years ago.

On Tuesday, an injured victim appeared on ARY News “The Morning Show” and narrated how the notorious attacker attacked her (video on top)

“I went to Block 15 in a house where I work, after completing my work I returned from the home and at a few distance a biker appeared in a flash and attacked me on my lower back. I went back to the home from where I had come after working, the house owners were also panicked. They immediately provided me first aid and I am very thankful to them for this as I was profusely bleeding,” Hajra who works as a maid in the area told the host Sana Baloch.

Hajra said what hurt her the most was that nobody came to her help when she screamed after the attacker.

Sanam Baloch speaks up against knife attacker

ARY News morning show host Sanam Baloch has also come forward to speak up against the unknown man gone rampant and is attacking women with knife in Gulistan-e-Johar area of Karachi.

She said police have announced Rs0.5 million head money on revealing whereabouts or any information of the notorious knife attacker, but she believed that the person who will assist the police in hunting the culprit would be given more as he was involved in attacking a number of women which had created panic in the area and women were afraid of going anywhere alone.

The ARY News host lambasted police over their utter failure to hunt the attacker despite passage of more than eight days of his spree of attacks.

ARY News correspondent Rabiya said police were positive that soon they would apprehend the criminal, who has been termed a psycho patient by psychologists.

“Though police have so far found no clue as to who could it be, but they say that now that they have been freed of duty of providing protection to mourning processions, so they would soon shackle him,” she said.

Doctors have pointed out that he was targeting lower part of the body with a paper cutter, she said.

Sanam Baloch observed that people were even scared of registering an FIR with the police against him.

She requested from viewers to contact her program, news department or any other channel in case of suspicion over anybody in this regard, so that other women could be protected from this man.





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