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Watch what was first interaction between Shah Rukh, Priyanka 17 years ago

When Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan had first interaction with beautiful fellow star Priyanka Chopra 17 years back, he was left stunned by not only the beauty but the intelligence of Chopra as well.

Way before Priyanka entered Bollywood, she had encountered Shah Rukh while contesting for Miss World title in 2000. This was the year when Priyanka entered Miss India pageant and bagged the second position, while Shah Rukh Khan was on the judges’ panel.

Who knew at that time that she would later become heroine of SRK. Priyanka and SRK have worked in several movies together including Don, Don2, Om Shanti Om and RA.One.

SRK put a hypothetical multiple-choice question before her for a marriage. He gave her three options to choose from and all of them were present in the judges’ panel including himself. Most of the people would have thought she would go with marrying SRK, however she opted for a sportsman, Azharuddin, and her choice was supported by very good reasons.

Let’s see what she said.



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