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WATCH: Woman miraculously escapes death while crossing a road in Hong Kong

A woman escaped a death after she tripped over in the middle of a busy road and in front of an oncoming car in Hong Kong.

Video shows the woman look both ways before she crosses the street.

One side of the road is backed up with traffic and the side furthest away from her has cars travelling at relatively high speeds.

hong kong road

The woman walks out onto the road in front of the stationary car in the traffic and then attempts to run across the other lane.

In the middle of her desperate sprint, the woman suddenly trips in front of an oncoming car and narrowly avoids being crushed to death.

Fortunately for her, the driver of the oncoming car was extremely alert and slams on the breaks and turns to the left to avoid the woman.

hong kong

The incident was captured on dashcam at around 7am during rush hour.

It is unclear whether the woman was injured or not however in the footage she gets up and walks away.



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