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WATCH: Zaid Ali shares first picture with wife

So finally, Zaid Ali, the social media star got married and it was an actual wedding not a rumour, not a prank as he himself announced it on his social media accounts this week.

On his big day, the Pakistani Canadian vlogger only announced that he is “Nikahfied”.

Officially married. 🙏

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Since the announcement, everyone was worried about who is the lucky one?

So Zaid Ali himself shared the picture of his better half.



Mr and Mrs ZaidAliT 🙂

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Last year, during the shooting of a video, Zaid Ali was photographed with a model Sarah Sarfraz. As the photos landed on social media, the fake new brigade spread the rumour that Zaid Ali has tied the knot with the model.

As the news spread like wildfire, Zaid Ali and the model herself had to clear the air about this “marriage”.

“For all my fans who have been wondering whether I really have tied the knot with Zaid Ali – No! Zaid Ali is an exceptional human being and I am sure this would come as a surprise to him too the way media has taken this snapchat story. Zaid and I were working on one of his videos here in Lahore, which you will be able to see soon hopefully in which we wanted to project the image of a bride and groom, the reason for the getup. I have not gotten engaged / married and when I do, I would love to share my moments of happiness with all of you guys. I would also encourage the media not to make fake stories or rumours about anyone from the industry. If we want you to know something from our lives we would share them with you ourselves, tying the knot being one of them,” the model wrote on her Instagram profile.





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