Geo/ISI Controversy

Watching ‘Geo Television’ still ‘Haram’: Hamid Raza

KARACHI: Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) chairman Sahibzada Hamid Raza said on Monday that watching  ‘Geo’ TV is still Haram (forbidden) and he still stands by the religious decree (fatwa)  he issued, ARY News reported.

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Talking exclusively to ARY News, Hamid Raza said that Geo Televison Network’s anti-state and anti-Islam stance is proved and he still stands by his fatwa that watching the channel is Haram (forbidden).

Hamid Raza maintained that the PEMRA penalty on Geo has proven that the charges on the channel are not without evidence and as the anti state group is not punished, our boycott is still going on.
The SIC chief revealed that Jang newspaper is being distributed under the supervision of Punjab Police and Geo group is approaching him for a program on their channel but he even does not send his party’s news to Geo/Jang media group.

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Watching ‘Geo Television’ still ‘Haram’: Hamid Raza

by Anees Hanif