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WATCH:Teary-eyed boy refuses to give up until he breaks karate board

Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson has shared a heartwarming video as a testament to the power of encouragement and support.

The video, which went viral last year, shows a five-year-old boy struggling to break a board during karate practice. Eventually, encouraged by the words of his instructor and the supportive chant taken up by his peers, the teary-eyed little boy manages to snap the board in half after a few failed attempts.
Claudia Swonger filmed her son, Phoenix, acing the karate move and learning a valuable life lesson in perseverance during his karate class in Florida.


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I love every single thing about this video – a moment that changed this little boy’s life forever. 🙏🏾💪🏾🖤 From his first attempt to his last, you can literally see the psychological shift in this little boy’s mindset. Sensei @gianinibjjstallion never took his eyes off the boy and made sure the boy heard every word he was telling him. Then this entire dojo of kids chanting, “beat it” to support and lift his spirits. But here’s the best thing about all of this – with all this beautiful support and love surrounding him – the final decision to break the board, came from the little boy. He decided it was time – and he did it. I don’t know who you are son, but I sure am proud of you too. Goes to show to show you can do anything, when you put your mind to it. I’m so pumped after watching this, I’m going in for workout #2 and when I’m done I’m gonna attempt to put my foot thru an oak tree🦶🏾🌳 Then I’ll be calling 911 😂 #greatjobkid 💪🏾

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The video was reposted on Instagram by Dwayne Johnson a few hours ago. Mr Johnson said he loved “every single thing” about the video and hailed it as “a moment that changed this little boy’s life forever.”

He also praised the instructor for constantly encouraging the young boy and talking to him until he succeeded in breaking the board.

So far, the video has been viewed a whopping 10 million times on Instagram, with hundreds of people praising the boy for his perseverance.



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