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Do you know how to eat a pizza properly?

It’s nothing to shock about, if you’ve never been told how to eat pizza.

Well it’s understood given hectic busy life and household chores that can’t let you keep everything on checklist.

And when it comes to having pizza, you can’t have a second thought whether you are eating it correctly.

Food writer Daniel Young, according to The Mirror, has some interesting facts for you to find out on ‘right way’ to eat pizza.

1- Don’t hold it by the crust

Our first mistake is holding pizza by the crust.

No one’s suggesting you should risk burning yourself by grabbing it by the cheese-strings. But if you try to lift Neapolitan pizza by the crust all that lovely topping will slide off and you’ll be left with an empty, soggy, piece of dough.

Which doesn’t bear thinking about.


2- Don’t cut it into slices – fold it like a wallet

So to recap, we shouldn’t hold it by the crust, and we shouldn’t cut it into slices. Which leaves, er, what exactly?

According to Italian pizza maestro Enzo Coccia folding it into a wallet is the right way. “Because Neapolitan pizza was eaten on the street, folded twice upon itself like a wallet,” he explains.

3- Don’t eat hard pizza

Have you ever bought a frozen pizza from a supermarket? That’s not recommended, to be honest.

“Rather than eat pasta al dente and pizza soft, in the Neapolitan way,” Daniel says, “foreigners learned to do the opposite.”

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