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‘Nature Ka Naya Dour’: WB By Hemani is offering up to 50% off on Waseem Badami’s birthday

If you’re opting for a healthy lifestyle shift today then we have great news for you!

On the occasion of Waseem Badami’s birthday, WB by Hemani brings you an exciting up to 50% off sale on all products, from 1st till 7th February and the offer is valid in stores and online.

The cherry on the cake is that the brand’s products are genuinely herbal and natural.

With the rise in awareness of herbal and organic products, many brands in the market are now manufacturing clean and natural products.

Not only is the ‘Organic & Natural’ trend evident in food but is now prevalent in lifestyle solutions as well. Since herbal and natural products are gaining popularity, and are safe to use, the consumers are now purchasing products as part of the trend to avoid side-effects and ‘Go Clean’.
It is rightly said that:

‘Nature itself is the best physician’ – Hippocrates

Indeed, ‘Nature’ has the solutions to all problems and with this thought, Nature KaNaya Dour is here!
‘Nature KaNaya Dour’ believes in making genuine ‘Herbal & Natural’ products that are infused with natural actives to an optimum level, ensuring they benefit the consumers available to the Pakistani consumers unlike other products that are just labeled ‘Clean & Natural’ but either have hidden side-effects or don’t produce the desired results.

Waseem Badami launched WB by Hemani for he believed in in ‘Nature KaNaya Dour’ and since the launch, the brand’s objective has been to provide the Pakistani audience with an outlet to embrace a natural lifestyle by offering 100% genuine, premium products that actually work.

WB by Hemani brings a wide range of herbal, natural and organic products. Hence, it is a one-stop solution for all those who are seeking a natural and healthy lifestyle.
From skincare, haircare, wellness, fragrances, edible organic collections to natural remedies, you can find everything under one roof with absolute ease at the state-of-the-art outlets, spread across Pakistan with free skin & hair consultation in stores from certified consultants.

WB by Hemani’s Nature KaNaya Dour has satisfied customers with unbelievable resultsand continues to create success stories every day.It has further changed the ‘Made in Pakistan’ perception completely by representing the brand internationally.

So, open the door to a ‘Natural & Healthy’ lifestyle today with WB by Hemani! Avail up to 50% off on everything and embrace ‘Nature KaNaya Dour’, click here to shop now.



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