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‘It was planned that we will get 5-10 people killed’

Addressing a press conference at his residence here, Javed Hashmi said, “Our caravan was on its way, but it was driven by someone else, adding that I did not address the participants for nine days.”

He said that some forces were intended to overturn the entire system of the country and wanted to bring an alternative system. Hashmi however, declined to name those forces.

He claimed, “I had warned Imran Khan that he will not be a part of the new system. I have saved PTI for up till now political restrictions would have been imposed in the country and no one would be able to carry out his political activities.”

The former PTI leader appealed Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri to refrain from delivering violent speeches, for doing so an external power can exploit the situation and cause anarchy in the state.

He claimed to make repeated appeals to Imran Khan not to push workers towards anarchy and said he had also warned him that the sit-ins could turn violent.

Javed Hashmi continued further saying that on the issue of resignations by the PTI members, CM Pervez Khattak was the first one to refuse Imran Khan and now the PTI chief will never talk of resignations.

He said if the Sharif brothers claim themselves to be upholding the flag of democracy, then they will also have to tolerate things, for the slogans like ‘Go Nawaz Go’ are often raised during democratic regimes.

The former PTI leader said, “I was the first one to resign upon Khan’s directives, but in return he terminated me from the party”.

Hashmi while referring to his former party chief said, “He is sincere in his thoughts, but the decisions he made in the by-elections stink”.



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