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We have come to ‘revive’ the constitution, says Qadri

Addressing the participants, Dr Tahirul Qadri said the emotions of the parliamentarians for the people of the country are all fake. He said, “We are being taught that a revolution can only take place through the votes, constitution and the parliament, but the truth is that the constitution is no more in-force and the parliament has not delivered to the people of the country”.

Dr Qadri said if the constitution were in-force, then the people would be getting their rights and there was no need for them to arrive in Islamabad. He said that the rulers do not come through the votes; rather they rob the mandate of the people in order to legitimize their tyranny.

The PAT chief said we want a system based on equality and justice, adding that the members of the parliament are lying about the inside of his container.

He asked the parliamentarians to inquire about the reality of his container from the members of treasury, opposition and other political heads, who had arrived at it for negotiations.

Tahirul Qadri said that rulers and influential lords are looting the wealth of the country and laundering it abroad. He said the economy of the state is on the brink of devastation, while Rs 8 billion are lost to corruption every day.

The PAT chief quoted a former Governor of State Bank as saying that nearly 250 billion rupees are laundered out of Pakistan daily.

He said the present government has acquired Rs 10,000 billion loans, while Rs 75 billion are being smuggled out of the country from just three airports.

Dr Qadri questioned how can be the national treasure enhanced, when so much of corruption is taking place and how the poor can get food, clothing and accommodation. He said that seventy percent of the parliamentarians are tax-evaders.

Speaking about floods, the PAT chief said it was government’s responsibility to make arrangements for preventing losses, not the participants of the sit-ins.

He said the flood caused havoc due to poor performance of the government as no precautionary measures were taken to save the lives of poor people.



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