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PTI to contest election, not to wage war: Ismail

A meeting at the deputy commissioner’s office was held in order to devise a code of conduct for the by-election in NA-246 – the National Assembly constituency known as the traditional stronghold of the MQM.

The meeting was also attended by the candidates of different political parties contesting by-polls in the constituency.

On the occasion, PTI contestant Imran Ismail said that, “We have come to contest the election, not to fight a war and claimed to emerge victorious.”

Muttahida candidate Kunwar Naveed Jamil said that his party has been winning the seat for last 28 years, yet it has reservations on current situation of the metropolis.

Election campaign by the political parties is also in full swing in the constituency, whatever the result would be, but mounting political tensions have surely heightened the significance of the by-election.



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