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‘We know what true democracy is’, reacts Khan

Addressing his workers and supporters at the PTI sit-in on Tuesday, Imran Khan said that all the tyrants have unified against the oppressed. He said today we were taught enough about democracy and everyone demonstrated how they stand united on this.

The PTI chief said, “We know what true democracy is. I have studied politics at the Oxford University and have observed democracy in the west for many years”.

Imran Khan said several people delivered speeches at the floor of the House today, which favored democracy in state. He expressed his discontentment that there was so much hypocrisy involved in the assembly today.

Khan said until the accountability of the ones involved in elections rigging, true democracy cannot be implemented here, adding, “Aitzaz Ahsan and Maulana Fazlur Rahman have also admitted that the polls were rigged”.

The PTI chairman said the Interior Minister’s statement is on record that 60-70 thousand votes in every constituency cannot be verified. He said, “We were made to lose the elections in Lahore with a difference of 8000 votes, how can we admit this when the unverified votes in every constituency amount up to 70,000”.

Imran Khan said that the PMLN was afraid of ‘tsunami’ and inquired the government why did it commit such a massive fraud with the mandate of the people.

Reacting to Makhdoom Javed Hashmi’s statements, he said, “I always respected Hashmi, but was hurt with his statements involving military and the honorable judges”.

The skipper said, “I had vowed before PTI’s central executive committee (CEC) that if the Nawaz-government did not open four constituencies for vote verification in a year’s period, I shall take to streets and will stress the government through public pressure”. Khan said he had vowed so, in the presence of Hashmi.

The PTI chief said, “I had said then that the PMLN-government will not let the justice to be done and had asked the party leaders at the meeting to be prepared for protest against the government, in case it does not open four constituencies”.

Speaking about Mehmood Khan Achakzai, he said, “the PkMAP chief is standing with democracy for his eight relatives made it to the assemblies including his brother, who was given the post of Governor Balochistan”.

Khan however declined to respond to Maulana Fazlur Rahman’s statement, saying, “I consider it below my dignity to react to the statements of a person, who does politics in the name of Allah and sales out his conscience for a diesel permit”.

Moreover, he said the PMLN has come into power by rigging the elections, while it has a record of not letting the justice to be delivered.




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