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We know who is funding Isb ‘Dharnas’, says Zardari

Criticizing Shah Mehmood and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), co-chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) said that power shows by political parties cannot impress him.  “We cannot be misdirected just by a charity hospital and university”, he said while rebuking PTI.

we cannot forget  those who took part in the referendum with General Musharraf, “how can they ask for forgiveness today for their pervious actions,” Zardari added.

Pakistan is not in a position to sustain unnecessary sit-ins, the situations at LOC and northern-regions of Pakistan are perturbed, Zardari said.

Giving a policy statement of PPP, Zardari noted that Pakistan is a country rich in natural resources, but it lacks the spirit of reconciliation.

Speaking on terrorism, co-Chairman PPP said that we should dread the day when terrorism takes over Pakistan, politicians should stop playing the blame game and focus on serving the people.

“Pakistan Peoples Party is leading the battle for the rights of every man, woman and children against terrorism”, he said.

Asif Ali Zardari called Chairman PPP Bilwal Bhutto to address the gathering and left the stage.



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