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Weather system moves to Arabian Sea, no heavy rains in Karachi

That means possible light showers or drizzle in Karachi instead of the heavy rainfall, as earlier predicted by the weather pundits.

“Karachi is now expected to have light rainfall or drizzle after the monsoon weather system heading towards lower Sindh changed its direction towards southwest, moving towards the Arabian Sea instead of Karachi,” an official of Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said.

The earlier weather advisory had predicted heavy rainfall of around five centimetres (two inches) in Karachi on Wednesday and Thursday.

The weather system however changed its direction within last 24 hours and as per the latest report, it is moving towards the Arabian Sea.

The monsoon system was expected to move towards Balochistan on July 14 and could cause heavy rains in central Balochistan, which could potentially result in flash floods in the hilly areas of the province.

The monsoon weather usually begins in Karachi and other parts of Lower Sindh in the end of July and lasts till September with spells of wet weather in the region.

The local authorities in Karachi had declared rain emergency in the city and claimed that the municipal services are fully prepared to meet any contingency caused by heavy rainfall.

However, six deaths in rain-related incidents in the previous rainy spell in the city expose the claims of the officials, indicating the city’s lack of preparation for even moderate rainfall as most of the storm water drains are choked with litter and garbage. The power transmission lines are not fit enough to supply power during downpour.



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