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Weekly inflation rate falls by 0.35 pct

PBS, in its report, mentioned that the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the studied week was recorded 213.70 points against 214.46 of the previous studied week.

The weekly inflation study period started from 13th August and ended on August 20th and the the combined income group inflation rate fell by 0.35 percent as compared to the previous week.

The weekly SPI was calculated by taking 100 as base and covering 17 urban centers and 53 essential items for all income groups and combined. The price index for the lowest income group upto Rs 8000 was also fell by 0.23 percent as it declined to 205.32 points from 205.79 in the week under review.

The SPI for the income groups from Rs 8001-12,000, Rs 12,001-18,000, Rs 18,001-35,000 and above Rs 35000 went down by 1.44 percent, 1.10 percent, 119 percent and 1.74 percent respectively. In the latest recorded week, prices of 12 items including live chickens, basmati rice, tomatoes, eggs, vegetable ghee and garlic have decreased while the costs of 16 items including onions, potatoes, red chillies, beef and mutton have gone up.

The prices for 25 goods remained unaffected.



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