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Weird California man recorded licking doorbell for three hours

Police department in Salinas, California has released a video which shows a night prowler doing one of the most disturbing acts ever recorded on a camera.

The video shows a man, who has been identified as Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33, licking a doorbell of the house that he just came out of after trespassing.

Police department spokesperson told local TV channel that it was surprised that the video was so clear that it didn’t take police department much time to identify this man.

According to the security cam footage obtained from the mentioned house, Arroyo spent three hours licking the doorbell.

He was also recorded on camera relieving himself.

The family said although they were scared at first and informed the police, they later laughed about the whole situation.

“He didn’t harm anyone nor did he break anything”, said Sylvia Dungan, a family member.



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