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‘Welcome to Karachi’ trailer releases!

Welcome To Karachi seems to hit all the notes rightly and might be one of the best comedies of this year. A Bollywood film that offers a humorous glimpse of Pakistan in general and Karachi in particular, the movie’s trailer alone has the ability to drive you into hysterical laughter.

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The plot focuses around two Indian fast friends, played by Arshad Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani, who derive a plan to go to the United States. In a bid to avoid all the hassle one has to undertake to obtain a visa, the two aim to reach America via boat. Things go awry when a storm interrupts their journey and lands them into trouble, i.e Karachi!

Karachi spells trouble for the two Indians, who have to survive in the urban city without having their passports or any requisite documents! Things take a humorous turn for the worse when both Warsi and Bhagnani undergo interrogations from terrorist outfits in Pakistan as well as, what appears to be, the CIA. Lauren Gottlieb will also be featured in the movie.


Arshad Warsi’s point blank delivery and comic jokes make the trailer a delight to watch and offer us a glimpse as to how the whole movie will induce fits of laughter.

Official Trailer ( Welcome To Karachi… by socialtube1

One of the most refreshingly rare aspects of this movie is that it features a mix of Indian and Pakistani actors. Actors from Pakistan who star in Welcome to Karachi are Ayub Khoso and Adnan Shah, who have previously made their mark as talented actors in Pakistan.

Directed by Ashish R.Mohan, Welcome to Karachi’s trailer looks awesome and promising. Arshad Warsi, whose supporting role in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S and other comedy movies, has always lived up to expectations. The director had earlier expressed his desire to portray Karachi as a city that has its share of good human beings as well.



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