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Do you know the wacky nicknames of these 8 Bollywood celebs?

Even Bollywood celebs are no exceptions to having hysterical nicknames:


1. Alia Bhatt


The Shandaar star was plump before she entered the industry. As a result her mom came up with ‘Aloo Kachchalu’.  Even her sister called her Aloos whereas some people also called her Batata Vada. Even though she is no longer a potato, the nickname stays forever.  

2. Varun Dhawan


The bad boy on the block Varun often dons the prankster hat to tease his costars and friends. Even his dad David Dhawan has been a victim, and he nicknamed him ‘Pappu’. Even though Pappu can dance, he thinks the nickname is really embarrassing.

3. Shraddha Kapoor


Childhood friend and co-starr Varun Dhawan gave Shraddra the funniest nick ‘Chirkut’. Varun also never misses a chance to take postshots at the Aashiqui 2 girl.

4. Sonam Kapoor


You’ll never guess that her dad Anil Kapoor nicknamed his little daughter ‘Giraffe’. No doubt Sonam has an impressive height but we still think the name is adorable.

5. Anushka Sharma


Anushka Sharma revealed that her parents didn’t give her a nickname as a child but instead her friends picked weird names for her. She is either called ‘Nusheshwar’ or ‘Nushsie’ by her friends.

6. Ranbir Kapoor


Ranbir’s mother who is also protective of her son chose an unusual name for him, ‘Raymond.’ She thinks her son is a complete man and that’s what Raymond stands for. Ranbir’s close friends and family members also call him ‘Ganglu,’ a nickname given by his grandfather Raj Kapoor.

7. Priyanka Chopra


The famed star revealed her hilarious nickname while appearing on Anupam Kher‘s show. She was called ‘Mithu’ by her family members for being a chatterbox. She dislikes the name when she founded out that parrots are called mithu for being talkative.

8. Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik Roshan is ‘The Hrithik Roshan’ for his fans but for family and friends he is simply ‘Duggu’.



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