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What does the dying mostly say to their loved ones? New poll reveals

The survey of 2,198 people who had lost a relative in the last year found 83 per cent had been given advice of some kind, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Relationships were the most common subject of conversation (62 per cent), following by careers (56 per cent), family (43 per cent) and education (39 per cent).

Twenty-nine per cent of those surveyed said the deceased person had wanted them to be happy, with 17 per cent saying they were told to live life without regret.

However, six per cent said they had been essentially taught a lesson and 21 per cent were told to put right past mistakes.

“Relationship advice is very common in this situation, as we have seen from our research. This is the final chance to let your loved one know what you think and many take the opportunity to share their thoughts,” a spokesman for Perfect Choice Funerals, which carried out the survey, said.

The article originally appeared in The Daily Telegraph



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