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When Komal Rizvi met Shah Rukh and Aamir back in the day…

It might be less known to the world, however, Komal Rizvi was one of the first Pakistani artists to have gone to India to seek work there. After becoming a known face and a fairly-popular singer at home, Komal journeyed to India and became a VJ for India’s Channel Five.

Being a VJ in India meant Komal got to interact with Bollywood superstars and strike conversations with them. According to Rizvi, initially she thought Shah Rukh Khan was a little arrogant (which turned out to be a prank) and Aamir Khan was funny and quite artistic, right from the start!

In her own words:-

Komal Rizvi

“I remember Shah Rukh Khan being a little arrogant. Maybe it was because I didn’t realise at the time what a big star he really was. He played a joke on me with Madhuri Dixit, pretending to ignore me and giving me attitude, but the minute I told Madhuri Ji that I’m a huge fan, she melted instantly and SRK’s plan failed.”

Aamir always had that knack of being Mr. Perfectionist, ever since the old days.

Komal Rizvi

“Amir khan, on the other hand, was ‘sooo’ much fun to work with. He redesigned the entire interview and almost took over the show’s direction too. We did the whole ‘Ay, kya bolti tou! ” and “Ay, kya mein bolon?” routine. He was relaxed and funny and both of us had a really good time at the interview.”

Komal also got to meet Akshay Kumar and the Gabbar Is Back and Boss persona might throw you off a little on-screen, the truth is he was always humble and sweet in person.

Komal Rizvi

“Akshay Kumar was possibly a bit nervous. Maybe because he was a new hit in the industry. He confessed that Akshay wasn’t his real name and he has trouble speaking fluent English. He was basically a martial arts expert and not really an actor, but he was humble, sweet and intelligent and it was very obvious that he was ambitious. I have a lot of respect for self-made men like him.”

But the most awesome and fan-girl moment of all for her was when she was in the presence of the iconic Amitabh Bachchan.

Komal Rizvi

“Considering he was and is a legend, he was quite humble and gentle with a newbie like me. It was the most polished of all the interviews I did that year, including Kajol, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee!”




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