When you’re a woman you have to fight a lot harder: Sania Mirza

Tennis star Sania Mirza recently said in a BBC interview that she felt no one had the right to ask her about her personal life.

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Sania Mirza might be one of the greatest female athletes to have ever emerged from India, but she’s also known for making straight-forward statements off the courts as well. Recently, Sania was giving an interview to a British channel, in which she categorically stated that she didn’t like it one bit when people asked about her having children.

“I find it extremely disrespectful to ask someone this question. Just because I’m a public figure, it does not give anyone the right to ask me what happens in my bedroom,” she said. The tennis star is married to Pakistani ex-cricket captain and cricketer Shoaib Malik. So far, the couple do not have any children.

On the subject of being a female athlete, Sania said that it was a man’s world and that women around the world had to fight harder to get acknowledged.
“When you’re a woman you have to fight a lot harder,” she said. “It has nothing to do with India, it has nothing to do with this side of the world. It’s to do with the world.”

Sania Mirza is one-half of arguably this year’s most renowned female doubles team. Together with her Swiss partner Martina Hingis, the duo have managed to secure as many as nine titles this season and won in Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, US Open, Wimbledon, Charleston, Miami and Indian Wells.

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When you’re a woman you have to fight a lot harder: Sania Mirza

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