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Jibran Nasir’s video confronting CM Sindh goes viral on social media

In a video that went viral on social media, prominent activist Jibran Nasir was seen angrily confronting the Chief Minister of Sindh, as the latter was about to vacate the premises of Jinnah Hospital.

Qaim Ali Shah had arrived at Jinnah Hospital to inquire after the condition of the victims of Karachi’s recent heatwave, which had left almost a thousand people dead and countless seeking treatment in hospitals. Enraged at the unhygienic conditions prevalent at the hospital, Jibran angrily confronted the provincial chief minister with the words:-

“My name is Jibran Nasir. Sir, did you check out the bathrooms in the neighbouring ward?”

Jibran Nasir Confronts CM Sindh in the Hospitan… by viralvideozz
As police officers of the CM’s protocol tried to intervene and grab Jibran, he angrily shouted,”Do not dare touch me. I am a lawyer, I will take you to the courts. I am speaking to my Chief Minister as a normal citizen. The unhygienic bathrooms are infested with insects and there are human waste lying around. People are getting sick because of the deplorable condition of the hospital!”As CM Qaim Ali Shah looked stunned, people started clapping and chanting angrily against the CM.

“Where is the Sindh government’s Rs45 billion budget?”, an angry Jibran screamed before the Chief Minister scurried away.



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