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Whoever laid his life for Pakistan is estimable, says DG ISPR

KARACHI: Spokesperson for Pakistan armed forces, Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Thursday said anyone who laid his life for Pakistan was respectable, ARY News reported.

He said every martyr regardless of any field he had been serving — whether he was a doctor, lawyer, journalist or a common man, all of them were highly esteemed.

“Whoever has laid his life for the sake of the country is respectable. We cannot pay back their favor,” he said while exclusively speaking during ARY News special transmission about the Defence Day.

He said aim of the operations the armed forces had been conducting for the last 16 years was to establish peace in the country.

Maj General Asif Ghafoor said it was a routine work for them to visit homes of martyrs which was, according to the army chief, the toughest job of all for them.

“You cannot imagine how trying it is to visit martyrs’ homes and share grief of their families. Specially, if the martyrdom is recent,” he said.

“Realising the need to remember our martyrs and acknowledge their sacrifices after peace is returning to the country, the army chief directed to visit their houses.”

“For the nations, who forget their martyrs, can never remain alive,” he said.

He thanked media, specially ARY Digital Network, for organising programs in connection with the Defence Day and visiting families of the martyrs.

In the end, he asked the nation to stay united in face of any circumstances.

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