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Why is Muhammad Ali’s star on the wall, not the Walk of Fame?

Muhammad Ali was honoured with the star in 2002. However, the star was not like other stars. Instead of being on the pavement at the Kodak Theatre Entertainment complex, the star was mounted on the wall.

The reason  for this break of tradition was that  because the former boxer had said that he did not want his name to be walked on by “people who have no respect for me”.

“I bear the name of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and it is impossible that I allow people to trample over his name,” he said.

Ali is the only star among more than 2500 terrazzo and brass stars of various celebrities including actors, directors, musicians, producers, groups and even fictional characters and other personalities, whose name is not on the floor  and instead hangs on the wall.

The star was granted after the committee which administers the Walk of Fame decided that boxing could be considered a form of “live performance” and contributed to the entertainment industry.


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