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Why should we favour democracy

Most of the daily life legislations have either been adopted from the British or they have been issued as Ordinances. For instance, Companies Ordinance 1984, Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, Hudood Ordinance etc.

So if these MNA’s and MPA’s are so useless for us, why should we vote for such democracy? I remember that in the last week of the PPP Govt. The Sindh Assembly passed an act for massive increase in salary and life time perquisites for their MPA’s. What has been done for the people of Sind, except for certain roads?

There is no criteria laid down in the constitution that the minister for a particular department should at least possess a doctorate in the relevant field or should have a working experience of at least 20 years in that field just like the Director Finance of a reputed Company. What does Mr. Saad Rafiq knows about railways? Result is that none of the trains arrive in time as he does not know technical reforms in the railways system. What does Kh. Asif knows about defence and he backs Geo as against army i-e against his core ministry. People like this can never reform Pakistan into a prosperous country. We need technocrats for the respective fields to bring a change to the current situation of the country. The country has already suffered a lot due to these stupid people. Why not we should favour a technocratic government rather that this so called democratic government which has always added to the sufferings of the people of the country.

How this may happen in an Islamic State that an FIR cannot be launched against a sitting CM whereas even head of a state may be sued upon according to Islamic principles, even he is alleged for a crime like murder. He may not be found guilty onwards, but at least an FIR should be launched. But this is the result that we get from democracy that the one who is ruling is Pharaoh. Everybody is inferior to him including the police and Court.

I don’t like to live in a democracy like this. For me a military rule is better if law is superior and the rights of the people are respected.

Ajlal Hyder


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