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Wildlife expert’s tips help girl in surviving tiger snake bite  

A nine-year-old girl has survived a bite from Tiger snake, one of the most venomous snakes globally, after learning what to do from the show of a wildlife expert Russell Coight.

The incident occurred in Australia’s Geelong area, when the nine-year-old girl, Grace Tenuta was bitten by a one-and-a-half metre tiger snake as she was looking for lizards.

She started panicking as soon as the snake leapt up and bit her on the foot, however soon she remembered some wise words from her TV idol – Russell Coight.

“I knew I had to remain calm, immobilise the limb and call Triple Zero – all from Russell Coight,” she said.

Grace’s mother Louisa Kerwin while narrating the entire horrific incident said that despite panic all round after the snake bite, the girl kept recalling her idol even while they anxiously awaited help.

“While we were lying there waiting for the ambulance she kept saying, ‘I really can stay calm, Russell Coight said just stay calm’,” Louisa said.

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This morning, after her ordeal, Grace got to chat with her humble hero.

“Seriously, how great am I to help you out?” Coight (Glenn Robbins) told her during a TV show. “You’re very great,” Grace replied.

“Do you think perhaps your mum might want to nominate me for Australian of the year?” Robbins asked. Grace said: “Definitely.”



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