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When we will become HUMAN?

On World Disability Day, a disturbing footage was released on almost every news channel, showing policemen trying to stop disable protesters from marching towards secretariat where they wanted to submit their complaints. The rally was ONLY meant to remind government the rights of disable people but unfortunately the behavior of law enforcement forces turned this peaceful protest into disturbance when inequitable behavior of police equipped with baton injured many protesters and one of them lost consciousness that was later transported to hospital.

This is not the first time police had done such brutality with peaceful protesters. During the ‘Azadi-March’ and Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri’s ‘dharna’ hundreds of people injured and killed during the clashes between police and protesters. It’s been months that whenever people try to record their protest such type of incident occur. Yesterday’s incident arise many solemn questions arise; like

  • Why police tried to stop peaceful protesters?
  • From where police is getting order of baton-charging?
  • Who is responsible of this disgraceful act?
  • Is condemning such types of acts ‘is the only thing government can do?
  • After model town incident Chief Minister gave excuse that nothing was in his knowledge. Same case repeated? or this time he has a different story to protect his seat?
  • Is this what ‘Nawaz regime’ is calling ‘Good Governance’?

Good news, video of this incident has already gone viral and there is no chance that the suspects can get away this time, If government starts fair and free investigation immediately BUT the track record of Nawaz government says ‘it’s not possible’.

Ayesha Saddiqua

Twitter: @AayshaSaddiqua



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