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Will CM Qaim, Sharjeel resign over Karachi fire, asks MQM

Goods worth millions of rupees were reduced to ashes in the blaze.

All those who lost their property and goods in the timber market fire were now begging for assistance, said the MQM leader Qamar Mansoor at a press conference here.

He asked whether the chief minister and information minister will tender their resignations on the matter

He said Karachi was burning while leaders keep on sleeping.

There is no existence of disaster management system to cope with such emergency situations, he added.

Mansoor regretted that fire brigade officials were also sacked from their jobs. “Four fire dousers bought recently by the administration have gone out of order.”

He demanded allocation of funds for revamping city’s fire department.

Speaking on the occasion, MQM senior leader Farooq Sattar said neither the Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah nor Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon approached the affectees to inquire about the losses and heal their wounds.

He said the clamour for separate province might grow louder in their plights were not resolved and addressed.



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