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Will Zainab Abbas take a selfie with Kohli this time?

Virat Kohli was bowled out on a duck against Sri Lanka in a ICC Champions Trophy 2017 match and Indian fans soon blamed this Pakistani Anchor Zainab Abbas for Kohli’s dismissal and termed her selfies as “cursed”.

Twitterati began trolling the anchor as she had taken selfies with both Virat Kohli and AB deVilliers both of whom were dismissed for a duck in the very next matches they played.

Pakistani trolls too jumped on the trend started by Indian trolls and demanded her to take a selfie with the Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews before the Pakistan, Sri Lanka match, the virtual quarter-final of the tournament.

Well, her selfie didn’t have the effect social media wanted but she herself told ARY News today that the moment her selfie with Mathews was shown on the big screen during the match, Mathews lost his wicket.

So is she planning another selfie with Kohli? ARY News host Maria Memon asked her during her show and this is how Zainab replied.

“I just took one with Virat Kohli, because I am a huge fan of his batting but he was dismissed on a duck , then I took one with ABD and even he had to depart on a duck, Mathews was able to make runs but when my selfie with him was shown on the screen during the match, he was dismissed on the very next ball but now I will say that Pakistan team doesn’t need my selfies, we should be able to win without them,” said Zainab Abbas.

So she ruled out a new selfie with Kohli.

Maria Memon: Did Mathews know why you were taking a selfie with him?

Zainab Abbas: I don’t think Angelo knew why I was taking the selfie and even I took it as a joke but Sri Lankan journalists warned me to stay away from their team captain.

People refer to me as somebody who has some “bad curse” but I take it as a joke.

Maria Memon:  What does Indian media say about you? 

Zainab Abbas: They call me ‘panoti’  (cursed) and someone tagged me on social media asking if I practice black magic. You know, Indians are too superstitious.

Maria Memon: Did some players refuse to take selfies with you after this “curse of Zainab” rumour?

Zainab Abbas: To be honest, they did not refuse, yes, I will say that Pakistani players told me that I should stay away from them but they were kidding. Everyone is taking it as a joke.



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