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Winner of Rs 5 crore on KBC is now jobless

Kumar was a mediocre computer operator from Bihar in India, who was working on a salary of Rs6,000 per month before he contested in KBC hosted by the Bollywood legend Amitabh Bacchan in the year 2011.

But now he admits that his stardom gradually faded out. When speaking to an Indian daily, Kumar said “What I am left with now is very little money, no career prospect and a whole lot of disappointment”.

Initially, when he had just won the prize money, he was receiving several offers to be the brand ambassador for rural development ministry but gradually people turned away their attention from him.

After tax reductions the sum of Rs 5 crore that Kumar had won was reduced nearly to Rs 3.5 crore of which very little remains with him today.

According to him, most of the money was spent in the purchase of a house which he now shares with his family.

Kumar makes money by selling milk and dreams to be a school teacher.




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