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Witness found to be telling lie won’t go scot-free, warns CJP

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa warned on Wednesday that a witness found guilty of perjury will not get scot-free, reported ARY News.

Headed by the chief justice, a bench of the apex court was hearing a murder case of Lahore through video link at the principal seat in Islamabad.

Over the course of the hearing, the bench was informed that two rival groups involved in the murder case had patched up their differences.

CJP Khosa remarked the two parties to the case told such blatant lies that it became difficult for the court to find out the truth.

He said they will not be able to decide a case if witnesses resort to perjury to such an extent.

The top adjudicator said he was surprised by the fact that lies could be told so blatantly as 95 per cent of the case was based on lies.

Why are lower courts unable to see that, he questioned.

Justice Khosa said a case is quashed if a witness is found to be telling a lie in a court the world over.

Meanwhile, the court acquitted two suspects Mushtaq Ahmed and Noorul Haq by giving them the benefit of doubt.



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