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Swat: Woman accuses father-in-law of rape, seeks justice

The victim turned up before the media a day ago and said she was raped by her father-in-law since her husband had left abroad for work around seven months ago.

The girl had been living with her in-laws at their residence in Bara Durushkhela village of Matta.

She said her husband had left for Saudi Arabia and since the point, her father-in-law was subjecting her to rape, adding “when I resisted, he started assaulting me.”

“When I told my mother-in-law about his sinful act she slapped me and ordered me to keep quiet. My in-laws did not allow me to talk to my husband whenever he would call from abroad,” she said. She appealed for justice from the authorities.

Flanked by her daughter, the victim’s mother said her daughter was married to her paternal cousin, who worked in Saudi Arabia. She said her daughter was regularly subjected to domestic violence and demanded justice.



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