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Woman beats fake faith healer for immoral talk

According to details of the incident, Rukhsana had visited the house of a fake faith healer in a bid to help her resolve an old family dispute.

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It was when the fake faith healer, now identified as Mushtaq, began to drag her into an immoral talk; Rukhsana realised he was a fraud and lodged a complaint against him at the Farid Town Police Station. However, a case is yet to be registered against the accused.

Mushtaq has been pretending to be a noted faith healer for quite some time in the village Rati Tabi of the Sahiwal district in the Punjab, ARY New learnt.

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The police officials have arrested the fake faith healer and were of the view that Mushtaq has confessed to have fooled many innocent men and women in other cities of the province as well.



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