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VIDEO: Indian female cop thrashes youths for not wearing helmets

A video of woman police officer in India is going rounds on the social media showing her assaulting two youths for not wearing helmets near an highway in Bengaluru.

Sub inspector Savi reportedly attacked the youths in public and this behaviour has antagonized people. According to eyewitnesses, the SI and other police personnel were checking motorists for traffic violations. Two motorists were stopped for not wearing helmets. Instead of fining them as per the rules, Savi reportedly abused them and the angry youths responded in kind.

Savi then grabbed one youth by his collar and slapped him twice on the cheek. She then brought them to the police station where she filed charges of obstructing a government official from doing her duty.

Some onlookers captured the incident on their cellphones and uploaded the clip on social media platforms. The youths said they had paid the fine of Rs 100 for not wearing helmets, they were abused and thrashed. They added that they may file a complaint against the officer.




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