VIDEO: Woman destroys husband’s BMW over alleged ‘disloyalty’


A woman got raged after she found out that her husband has been cheating on her after 10 years of their marriage. What she did next was really shocking — venting her wrath on brand new BMW of her husband.

The woman, believed to be a traveller, threw a brick on windscreen of her husband’s windscreen before taking a sledgehammer to the car causing lots of damage.

It appears as though she has seen or heard a recording of the alleged cheating by her husband, saying that she would recognise her husband’s voice anywhere.

During the attack on the car she said: ‘I’ve been married ten years, I’ve never broke a cup, a plate in my life. But I can trust you, you won’t be going home for this car or selling your trailer.

She added: ‘I hope to almighty Jesus it was all worth it – every bit of it.’ She then threatens him saying that he needs to get CCTV for his trailer.

A second video shows just how much damage she inflicted on his BMW.




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VIDEO: Woman destroys husband’s BMW over alleged ‘disloyalty’

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