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Woman hangs herself after husband ‘delays shopping trip by a day due to office work’

LUCKNOW: An Indian woman died after she hanged herself as husband delayed a planned shopping trip by a day.

Deepak Dwivedi says he told his 23-year-old wife Deepika on Saturday that he would not be able to go shopping then but would have to do the trip the next day instead.

According to report, she was so annoyed that she locked him out of her room at their home in the city of Lucknow, and he was forced to sleep elsewhere. The husband reportedly said: ‘Deepika’s cousin was going to get married the next month and she wanted to go shopping for the wedding.

‘On Saturday, Deepika asked me to take her shopping but seeing I had too much work in the office, I postponed the shopping for the next day. She became upset at this.

Woman hangs husband delays shopping

‘She was so upset about this that when I reached home from office in the evening, she locked the door of her room. ‘When she didn’t open the door, I had to sleep in the lobby. When I broke open the door in the morning, I saw her hanging from the ceiling fan. I informed the police soon after.’

Mr Dwivedi, a civil servant in the local government’s education department, reportedly married a year ago and lived with his wife, brother and parents. Police say that the family of the dead woman has not alleged any wrongdoing against her husband or in-laws.

He says they agreed to a post-mortem and the reports are awaited.



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