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Woman discovers tooth of ‘ancient giant shark’  

In what could be declared a major finding if confirmed, a woman claimed that she had discovered a giant tooth of an ancient shark, megalodon.

Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that existed approximately 3.6 million years ago. This giant animal is believed to have big teeth. It is also said that the megalodon resembled the great white shark in built.

Missy Tracewell, who is fond of collecting shark teeth on her beach outings has discovered it on the beach at Hunting Island.

The woman, who is from South Carolina state of the United States, was visiting a beach with her husband when she discovered a giant tooth that is so huge that it almost fits her palm.

Not only the size, but the weight of this tooth is also heavy. It has darkened over time and looks dull as well. As per the report, Missy has shared this tooth with an expert to confirm if it is from a megalodon. She found this tooth on the shoreline in a water-filled hole.

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Her husband was playing in the hole but he did not notice the tooth. When she went over to her husband, she discovered the massive tooth. Missy said, “I pick it up, and I stand up, and I’m so shocked that I have it in my hand … that I dropped it on the sand.”

She shared the picture of the massive tooth on a public Facebook group named Hunting Island State Park. Sharing the picture, Missy wrote that it is the biggest one yet and that she found it on Hunting Island in the afternoon.

The photo of the tooth garnered interesting reactions with many questioning if it’s of a megalodon. Well, that seems unlikely as megalodons were prehistoric sharks that went extinct around 3.6 million years ago.



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