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WATCH: Woman finds rare two-headed snake at her house

In a shocking incident, a woman left stunned after finding a rare two-headed snake at her house in North Carolina.

According to the details, Jeane Wilson, a resident of Taylorsville in Alexander County, spotted the rare snake in the sunroom of her house.

She managed to take a short video of the reptile and shared it on her Facebook profile with the hope of finding some help, Times Now News reported.

“Ok facebook…anybody out there know of a place that would take ‘Double Trouble’ here and care for him/her or should I turn it loose? It’s not poisonous,” she captioned the snake video on the Facebook.

Wilson said she found the reptile close to a table in her sunroom, and immediately contacted a relative to describe the reptile’s appearance.

As she didn’t want the snake to get hurt, she put it inside a jar with the help of her friends.

“We were having game night and the door was left open for some air. After everybody left, I was in there cleaning up and saw it lying on the floor beside the table. I saw its heads first and couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to kill it so we put it in a jar. Everybody was amazed, ‘wow, a two-headed snake at Nana’s house,’”

After the one-foot long snake was handed over to the Catawba Science Center, it was identified as a Black Rat Snake. Interestingly, only one in 1,00,000 has two heads.



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