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Woman forced to switch seats in airline after two Pakistani men ‘refuse to sit next to her’

HOUSTON: A female passenger on a United Airlines flight was ‘forced’ to change her seat after two Pakistani men reportedly expressed reluctance to sit next to a woman.

According to Metro UK, woman, identified as Mary Campos in the report, was due to board a flight from California to Houston when she was informed at the eleventh hour that her pre-booked seat had been changed.

Upon inquiry to the sudden change in seat, the staffer initially hesitated to explain but described the situation after the woman’s insistence.

He informed the lady that the two passengers’ ‘cultural beliefs’ meant that they could not sit next to or talk to a woman.

Passengers in the United Airlines flight. File Photo
Passengers in the United Airlines flight. File Photo

They could also not be served by female staff, she was told.

Ms Campos reportedly described the men as ‘monks’ who were dressed in long orange shirts.

In a letter to United Airlines, the passenger wrote: ‘What if I were handicapped or transgender? What if your entire crew were female?

‘Any belief that prevents individuals from interacting with females should not travel on commercial aircraft.’

She demanded the airlines that they apologise to every woman on the plane, including staff.

The airline responded by saying it would investigate the matter.



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