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WATCH: Woman frying food in hot oil with bare hands baffles netizens

A video of a woman cooking food in hot oil with bare hands without using a tong has gone viral on social media as netizens were amazed at her skills.   

The video was shared on multiple social media platforms showing a woman frying some food in piping hot oil in a pan.

However, the reason for the video going viral is the process she adopted to cook food as she is seen using no tongs to put the food in the hot pan. With her bare hands, she is seen comfortably putting the batter into the oil without flinching even a bit.

The video was posted at the microblogging site account ‘First we Feast’ and is captioned “She said tongs are for losers.”

The video has going viral on the internet and had received 23,100 views on the site along with 99 retweets and 611 likes.

Netizens who seemed inspired by her abilities gave different titles to the female cook with one of the users calling her “Avatar- The Legend of the Oil Bender” while another commented: “so that’s the special ingredient.’

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Some netizens were extremely curious about how she managed to do this effortlessly. One of them even tried to reveal the trick behind the act saying:  “My wife pointed out the thick batter coating her fingers.”

With batter around her fingers, it could make it easier for her put her hands in the oil without burning them profusely.



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