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Woman confesses to killing her three kids during news interview

BAKERSFIELD: In a shocking incident, a woman confessed to killing her three children during an interview with a private news channel at Lerdo Pre-trial Facility in Bakersfield, California.

Talking to KGET’s Eytan Wallace, Liliana Carrillo, the “prime suspect” in the killing of her three children in Reseda last weekend, admitted that she killed her three children. She believed their father was involved in human trafficking.

In the interview, she discusses her upbringing and how she met the children’s father, Erik Denton. The couple was involved in a bitter custody dispute. Denton was supposed to see the three young children last Sunday, the one day every other week that he was allowed to be with them.

Three-year-old Joanna, her 2-year-old brother, Terry, and 6-month-old sister, Sierra, had been staying with their mother, Denton’s ex-girlfriend, in Reseda. Fearful for their safety, their father had petitioned the court for custody on March 1, alleging their mother, Carrillo, was delusional and had taken the kids and refused to tell him where they were.

Authorities say the children’s grandmother had called police last Saturday morning after she found the children dead at an apartment in Reseda, FOX2 Now reported.

Kern County prosecutors allege later that day, Carrillo drove through Kern County where she allegedly carjacked one person. She was later arrested in Tulare County.

Carrillo has not been formally charged in the murders of her three children in Los Angeles County.



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