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Woman spends 18 years of her life in jail for a crime she did not commit.

Lahore: Rani Bibi, a woman falsely accused of her husband’s murder declared innocent after 18 years in jail.

Rani Bibi told ARY News that she had not committed any murder but now her life is destroyed.

“My husband was murdered, I was blamed for it, I mean my whole family, my brother, mother father, they registered an FIR against all for murder and sent us to jail. Then we were given a life sentence of 25 years; to my father, brother, cousin, all of us.”

Rani Bibi was arrested in 1998 from Jhang after falsely being accused of her husband’s murder. According to Pakistani law, people who do not have money to hire a lawyer, their appeals against the court’s decison is filed through a Jail’s superintendent. However, Rani Bibi did not get that opportunity as the superintendent asked her for a bribe of 400 rupees which Rani did not have. As a result, Rani spent 18 crucial years of her life in jail.

“They did not do good to us, they have done injustice to us, blaming us for something we did not do. My life is destroyed, my brother’s, my dad died inside the jail. Our whole family is destroyed. We have been blamed, we did not murder anybody.”

At last, after a wait of eighteen strenuous years, Human Rights Commission filed an appeal in the court to which the court said that there are no evidences to prove that Rani Bibi had, in fact, murdered her husband.

She also told ARY News that innocent women are kept in jails only cause of jail authorities with food also not being given to them.

Finally released, Rani Bibi is of the view that the damage has been done.



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