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Woman finds spooky basement hidden under floor of new house

A US-based woman has uncovered a spooky basement hidden under the floor of her new house which she was unaware of it despite living there for around one year.

The TikTok video of the creepy discovery by the woman @Unfortunateexistance went viral which garnered over 13 million views, making the social media users disturbed.

She captioned the video, “When you pull the carpet off your floor and FIND A BASEMENT YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT.”

She told that the house was never inspected after being bought from a couple a year ago.

The woman claimed that the couple living there earlier was in a hurry to leave and move from the house and sold it to her at a very cheap price.

The spooky basement was connected by a set of stairs from the door opening on the floor of the house. The video shows the door on the floor opening to reveal a set of stairs that lead to a basement.



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