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Woman spots ‘free ghost’ in flat during virtual tour, TikTok video goes viral  

A woman was left stunned after discovering a hysterical detail in a flat while looking around it on a virtual tour.

Sarah Vanderbilt posted a video on TikTok which shows her looking around an apartment on a virtual tour. The video shows a kitchen area, the view from the kitchen’s window and later the main bedroom.


@sarahvanderbiltjust looking at some apartments on streeteasy #fyp

♬ what the fuck was that – hatecrimer666

The apartment is fully furnished with a microwave, plants and other décor items appearing in the clip.

The video shows a woman sleeping on the bed but she disappears within the blink of an eye – creating a hilarious yet spooky now-viral moment that has social media users in hysterics, Mirror reported.

Captioned “just looking at some apartments on Streeteasy” and using viral audio of talk show host Wendy Williams asking “what was that?”, the video has over 800,000 views and more than 400 comments.

One user said: “That was just her spirit, it’s fine.” Another added: “free ghost. She just scrolls on TikTok in the corner and knocks over oat milk.” One hilarious TikTok user said: “It comes with a friend!”



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