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Women barred from wearing glasses at work

Working with glasses gives cold impression was a thought that forced many Japanese outlets to ban women from wearing it at workplace.

The issue was raised after two local news outlets found out in detail as to how the women are forced to put off their glasses in different industries.

Other than the cold impression, the report found out some women were forced, likewise in airlines, citing safety reasons while in beauty salons, they were asked to put it down for being unable to properly scrutinize makeup.

The in-depth look into the industry however could not found if the ban was due to formal directives or the norms followed in the society.

The ban reports has again sparked a debate on social media with many young Japanese and others calling it outdated policies.

This is, however, not the first time the issue of women dress code has come under scrutiny in the country as most recently, the issue of women forced to wear high heels at workplace has also come under debate.

A petition launched from actor and writer Yumi Ishikawa also received backing for demanding an end to this ban and even a minister had to face backlash over asking companies  to enforce the dress code mandating high heels.



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