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Women pose as grannies to get COVID-19 vaccine shot

Two women in their 20’s were able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for the first shot after they dressed up as elderly women, however, their trick failed during the second shot.

The incident occurred in a county in Florida state of the United States and the mayor and health official described how the duo was caught while trying to conceal their age.

“The duo was caught when they tried to get their second shot Wednesday at the Orange County Convention Center,” narrated Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings and Florida Department of Health in Orange County Dr. Raul Pino.

“We haven’t had any lack of willing arms to get vaccinated. We also have people faking to be old to be vaccinated,” Pino said. “So yesterday, we realized a couple of young ladies came dressed up as grannies to get vaccinated for the second time, so I don’t know how they escaped the first time, but they came (to get) vaccinated. The bonnets, the gloves, the glasses — the whole thing, and they probably were in their 20s.”

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He’s not sure how the two women were able to get their first doses, but when they showed up Wednesday to complete the series, they presented a valid COVID-19 vaccination card. But “there were some issues with their IDs and their driver’s licenses,” he said.

It is not clear as to what charges they would face as Pino said that it is not the first time someone has tried to buck the system to get a shot. He said a man who was not 65 showed up trying to use his elderly father’s ID.



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